Ulmstead Club, Inc. (UCI) is a non-profit civic association that manages the recreational facilities and other amenities of the Ulmstead Estates community in the best interests of its members. UCI holds title to real property on which are located dock and marina facilities, tennis courts, ballfield, parks, and a barn with recreation rooms and stables. UCI is not a Homeowner’s Association; membership is voluntary. However, membership in good standing is required to use the facilities and participate in UCI-sponsored activities.

No. Ulmstead Swim Club, Inc. (USC) is the non-profit corporation that owns and operates the swimming pool and related recreational facilities in Ulmstead Estates. UCI and USC are separate legal entities.

Ulmstead Club, Inc. is run by six directors who serve as unpaid volunteers. The directors are elected by the UCI membership to 3-year terms. The Board of Directors selects a President from among its members. The president can be contacted by email at president[at]ulmstead.org. In addition, dozens of resident volunteers serve as officers, department managers, or leaders of specific activities. A list of these volunteers is online and at the back of every monthly newsletter.

UCI members in good standing are welcome to use the beach park and ballfield, launch a boat from the boat ramp, keep a canoe or kayak on the storage racks, and fish and crab from the docks. They also receive a monthly newsletter and an annual membership directory; they may attend UCI-sponsored social events; and they have a vote at the annual membership meeting in February and the annual budget meeting in November. UCI also maintains security cameras and security patrols in the neighborhood. For additional annual user fees, UCI members in good standing have access to boat slips, tennis courts, recreation rooms, and horse stables. Residents of Ulmstead Estates must also be UCI members in good standing to be eligible for a pool membership with Ulmstead Swim Club, Inc. The benefits of UCI membership extend to the immediate families of such members who reside with the member.

Each member of Ulmstead Club, Inc., must be a current resident homeowner in Ulmstead Estates or be a current homeowner who was previously a resident and is now away temporarily from Ulmstead Estates. Prospective members must request to join and pay the membership initiation fee and any other fees required. If there are outstanding dues or other assessments on a property, they must be paid in full before membership will be granted to new residents.

The initiation fee is $2000, payable to UCI. The fee and request for membership can be mailed to Ulmstead Club, Inc., PO Box 9754, Arnold, MD 21012.

Questions about membership can be directed to the Membership Department (membership[at]ulmstead.org). Questions about dues, fees, and a property’s account can be directed to the Treasurer (treasurer[at]ulmstead.org). Any questions about UCI can also be directed to the President (president[at]ulmstead.org). UCI is managed by volunteers, not a paid professional community management firm. Please allow 24-48 hours for responses to emails.

Membership and payment of dues are voluntary. However, if a homeowner chooses not to pay them, all outstanding dues, fees, and assessments accrue to the property, and the future buyer must pay any accumulated dues before they can join UCI, use any of the facilities, or attend any social events, whether free or fee-based.

Renters cannot be members because renters are not resident homeowners. However, lessees of a member who was previously a resident may use and enjoy the facilities and property of Ulmstead Club, Inc., provided that all dues, fees, and assessments are current. These lessees may also attend UCI-sponsored activities. Renters should contact the Membership Department at membership[at]ulmstead.org to let them know that they have moved into the neighborhood and to learn whether their non-resident homeowner is a member in good standing.

Resident members in good standing may invite guests to use and enjoy the facilities and property of Ulmstead Club, Inc., provided that the guest is accompanied by that member or one of his/her immediate family. However, if a homeowner or their immediate family members are residents of Ulmstead Estates but the homeowner is not a member in good standing of UCI, they are not permitted to use the facilities or the property as a guest of another member.

The lots in Ulmstead Estates have private deed restrictions and covenants that, among other limitations, regulate building construction. Covenants are recorded with the Land Records Office of the Anne Arundel County Clerk of the Court. A list of the restrictions that generally apply to each section of Ulmstead Estates can be found online.

In addition, UCI members must comply with all relevant bylaws of the organization. Article VII of the Bylaws includes the special conditions that help to maintain the general appearance and well-being of the community. Several of these conditions restate restrictions found in the covenants.

In accordance with both the covenants and bylaws, requests for approval of fences, storage sheds, other separate structures, or exterior structural modifications to existing properties must be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors before the commencement of building activity. More information can be found in the Architectural Review Guidelines. Requests for approval can be submitted in writing to any Board member or by email to president[at]ulmstead.org.

UCI is a civic association with voluntary membership. It is not a homeowner’s association with mandatory membership. Therefore, UCI does not provide resale packages to prospective buyers. However, UCI’s governing documents are online, including a general list of applicable covenantsbylawsarchitectural review guidelines, and department rules. The association’s annual budget is published in the Weathervane, the monthly newsletter. The budget includes annual dues and fees, some of which are maintained by UCI as reserves for projected capital expenses. The most recent capital reserve study is also online.

To confirm the current Schedule of Fees and to learn whether a property’s account is up-to-date, please contact the UCI Treasurer at treasurer[at]ulmstead.org. UCI is managed by volunteers, not a paid professional firm. Please allow 24-48 hours for responses to emails.

UCI does not give prorated refunds of dues or assessments to sellers. The title company can collect any prorated dues from the buyer for credit to the seller at settlement.

Dues are billed annually in early January, based on the budget approved by the membership in November. The dues must be paid by February 1. There is a $25 late fee if dues are not paid by February 1. The late fee is to encourage members to pay on time and reduce the amount of time that volunteers spend having to send more bills and keep track of who has not paid. Please pay dues on time.

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