Board Members

UCI Officers and Volunteers


UCI Board of Directors and liaison roles
  • Ginny Vernick – President / Beach liaison
  • Alli Smith – Vice President / Barn liaison
  • Julie Scully – Scenic & Tennis liaison
  • Brian Tierney – Membership, Architecture, & Security liaison
  • Kevin Cooley – Nautical liaison
  • Maureen Coelho – Pool & Social liaison
Secretary Amanda McFall
Treasurer Carey Goryl
Assistant Treasurer Lois Findlay


Barn Department
Reservations: Elizabeth Manicchia and Kathie Cosgrove
Maintenance: Chris Barron
Beach & Shore Department
Reservations: Ginny Vernick
Nautical Department Bill Zichos
Dock Party Jessica Lane
Scenic Department Julie Scully
Ball Field: Vacant
Beach & Shore Joe Gallagher & Stu McFall
Beautification: Vacant
Security Department Vacant
Tennis Department Marina Anglim
Maintenance: Mark Overton
Social Activities Department Vacant
Social – Adult/Family Events:
New Year’s Eve: On hold
Spring into Summer: Membership/Gillian Duvall
July 4th Parade & Picnic: Vacant
Fishing Tournament: Richard Harrison
Ladies Wine & Cheese: Membership/Gillian Duvall
Guy’s Beer & Brats: Scott Glubke
Wings, Chili, & Homebrew: On hold
Boat Parade/Tree Lighting: Chris Brett / Marina Anglim
Social – Children:
Weekly Playgroup: Anne Lynch
Spring Party: Amanda Barron
Autumn Party: Amanda Barron
Christmas: Vacant
Membership Department Kathy Pruissen
Bumper Stickers: Lynne Andrews
Welcoming: M. Lundgren, M. Merchant, A. Mitchell, T. Seybert
Webmaster: EG Gipple
Community E-mails Announcements: Marina Anglim
Weathervane Editor: Donna Kinlaw
Weathervane Distribution: Mike Allen (manager), Abbey, August, Buchanan, Cooley, Daly, Davis, Delany, Fierstein, Freihofer, Lynch, McCoun, Root, Weiss, Wildt
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