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Section 1. Qualifications

  1. Each voting member of Ulmstead Club, Inc. shall meet the following requirements:
    Be a resident homeowner or joint homeowner in Ulmstead Estates or a homeowner who was previously a resident and is now away temporarily from Ulmstead Estates. Ulmstead Estates is defined in Article IX of these by-laws;

Have made application for membership on a form provided by Ulmstead Club, and shall have paid the membership initiation fee and any other fees required for membership;
Be in good standing with Ulmstead Club and current in all dues, assessments, and fees;

Comply with the provisions of these by-laws and all rules and regulations adopted pursuant to these by-laws.
The duration of a voting member’s rights and privileges shall be limited to the period of residence and home ownership in Ulmstead Estates or as otherwise specified in these by-laws.

Section 2. Use of Ulmstead Club Facilities
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The facilities and property of Ulmstead Club shall be for the exclusive use and enjoyment of qualified resident members of Ulmstead Club and the immediate families of such members who reside with the member, and for the following:

Guests of a member when accompanied by that member or one of his/her immediate family;
Lessees of a member previously a resident, provided that all dues, fees, and assessments are current;
Mr. William E. Dixon and Mr. Joseph M. Schwartz as provided for in Section 4 of Article IX of these by-laws.

Section 3. Suspension or Revocation of Membership
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Membership privileges may be suspended or revoked by the Board of Directors after a hearing and written notification for the following reasons:

Nonpayment of dues, fees, and assessments owing to Ulmstead Club and being due for a period in excess of sixty (60) days;
Failure to conform to the provisions of these by-laws and the rules and regulations adopted pursuant to these by-laws;
Suspended voting rights may be restored by decision of the Board of Directors. A resident whose membership has been revoked must submit a new application for membership.

Section 4. Leave of Absence
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A member may request on or before January 31, a one-year leave of absence by a written petition to the Board of Directors. The leave of absence may be granted on grounds of financial hardship, e.g., loss of job, major medical expenses. No more than two consecutive leaves of absence will be granted. The member may not use club facilities during the leave of absence. When a leave of absence is terminated, the member may be reinstated upon immediate payment of all applicable back dues. Otherwise, membership will be revoked.

Section 5. Residents as Guests
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No person whose membership has been suspended or revoked or who is a resident of Ulmstead Estates but not a member of Ulmstead Club shall be permitted to use the facilities or the property as a guest of another member.


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